Tru-Flake Resinous Flooring Systems

Make Your Floors Pop With Tru-Flake Coating

Make Your Floors Pop With Tru-Flake Coating

Our team provides concrete epoxy flooring in Byhalia, Olive Branch & Southaven, MS

If you've ever visited any office building, and in many homes, you've likely seen floors with small flakes on the surface. These flakes are added to the floor and sealed in with concrete epoxy flooring. When you work with Grind City Coatings LLC, you can add these flakes to your flooring, too.

We specialize in residential, business and industrial flooring care, utilizing a variety of epoxy coatings we make ourselves. The Tru-Flake Resinous Flooring System is one of our favorites-it provides a unique style to your floors while simultaneously protecting against damage. The result is a beautiful floor that stays that way for years.

Upgrade your floors without swapping out a single bit of flooring material. Choose Byhalia, Olive Branch and Southaven, MS's premier floor coating team for Tru-Flake coasting service.

Why coat your floors with epoxy?

Concrete epoxy flooring provides a wealth of benefits for business owners and homeowners alike. Coating your floors with any of our materials...

  • Adds a beautiful shine to your floors
  • Protects your floors against dirt and grime buildup
  • Defends against bacteria growing within the cracks





From home driveways to commercial flooring, epoxy coating can be the best way to defend your ground from wear and tear. Schedule a consultation at your Byhalia, Olive Branch or Southaven, MS property by contacting us today.